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Foam cutting machine Hot Cut 132

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  • maximum cutting length: 132 cm
  • maximum cutting thickness: 26 cm
  • power supply: 250W 230/24V 8A
  • wire: 0.7 mm (cutting wire Hot Cut 132)

The Hot Cut 132 cutting machine is designed for cutting the largest blocks of styrofoam. Thanks to the 250W transformer, the machine is perfect for cutting XPS Foam Board Extruded Polystyrene.


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Hot-Cut guillotine, foam cutting machine, polystyrene cutter


  • high cutting precision
  • lightweight
  • fully metal, very durable construction
  • extensive possibilities of adjusting cutting parameters
  • wide range of accessories
  • simple assembly/disassembly of the device and accessories
  • minimizing the amount of waste generated during cutting (including small, difficult to collect polystyrene balls formed during traditional cutting with a knife or saw)
  • reduction of cleaning costs
  • reduction of thermal bridges
  • less use of polystyrene
  • easy to use

The main purpose of the device is to make a cutting of polystyrene in several arbitrary planes.

The biggest advantage of our machine is the clean formatting of polystyrene, during which there is no waste in the form of polystyrene balls, which are so difficult to clean.

Thanks to the aluminum stop attached at a 90-degree angle to the cutting line, as well as the two-sided tension of the cutting wire with two springs, the obtained cut is characterized by remarkable precision and accuracy.

The device is started by switch equipped with a diode. A lit diode led informs the user that the machine has been started. The machine is powered from the wall socket, to which the device is connected with a long (190 cm) cable, making the machine more mobile.

An additional advantage is the installed thermo-bimetallic fuse, which aims to eliminate the risk of electric shock to the person operating the machine, as well as to protect the device from overheating.

The machine has been equipped with four 30 mm high legs, which enables stable positioning of the device on any surface.

You get 2 additional cutting wires included with each purchased machine. All Hot-Cut cutters are equipped with the best cutting wires. Non-ferrous chromium-nickel, nichrome: Ni 80%, Cr 20%.

Each machine is sent professionally packed in a specially manufactured cardboard packaging, ideally suited to its dimensions.

The machine has the following workspace parameters:

  • maximum cutting length: 132 cm
  • maximum cutting thickness: 26 cm
  • power supply: 250W 230/24V 8A
  • wire: 0.7 mm

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